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Women’s counselling services


The counselling services available at EastCoast Women’s Centre provide you with the opportunity to talk to a health professional in a safe and confidential environment. Our team provides pregnancy option counselling and post termination counselling services.

Pregnancy option counselling is usually a short-term service that focuses on the unplanned pregnancy and supports the woman in making an informed decision about her future. These sessions are unbiased and judgement free. During the session, counsellors will discuss options including pregnancy termination and contraception options.

We aim to support women through what can be a difficult time in their life with our counselling services. We believe it is important to be able to make responsible and informed consent about your body and reproductive health. You will see a counsellor on the day of your appointment for pregnancy testing, decision making and therapy.

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Pregnant - family planning in Nambour, QLD

Post Termination Counselling

Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy is difficult and may result in women experiencing a range of different emotions. These emotions can range from relief to a sense of loss and sadness.

Feeling sad or experiencing grief does not mean that the wrong decision was made, but rather can be an acknowledgment that it was a difficult decision.

Many women feel alone after the procedure and some feel as though they have no-one to talk to about their feelings. Our registered nurse counsellors are here to support you and provide you with advice on how to cope with the situation in different ways.